Welcome to: Ask A Mechanic!

Hello Readers,

I would like to formally welcome you to one of the most honest blogs you will ever encounter that has been written by an actual mechanic. Operating in the beautiful Central Coast of California, I am a self employed mechanic with drive and ambition to help people understand their car is a very complex machine that needs to be taken care of to extend its lifetime!

Its true, Mechanics have a bad reputation. Dishonest and filthy people who will do anything to fish every last dollar out of your bank account during your time of need. However, don’t get me wrong, there are always bad apples, and just one can ruin the bunch. I am attempting to change this stigma by providing completely free estimates and an easy to understand repair estimate so you really know whats going on under the hood.

I have a few core principles:

  • First, always get a second opinion from a mechanic that is NOT trying to sell you something.
  • Second, being INFORMED is important, you drive every day. Your car needs to be RELIABLE!_DSC0164
  • Lastly, Trust in the A.S.E. SEAL. A certified mechanic has gone out of his way to prove he knows your car. “Backyard Bob” might provide a cheap service, but he probably watched one YouTube video and decided to give it a go. Not to mention, “Dishonest Dave” Just wants to up-sell you more parts and services you don’t actually need.

I hope you find plenty of useful information on this blog, and I look forward to helping you understand your car better, and answer any questions you may have. I can be reached through the comment section on this blog, the contact page, and my social media links!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to: Ask A Mechanic!

  1. Hi there! Thanks for creating this blog. I would love to see a post about how to save on fuel and reduce emissions by changing driving behaviors. I would imagine this could also help with wear and tear on a vehicle. As a mechanic, what can you recommend to drivers? How can we be mindful of our cars and the environment while driving?


    • You are definitely correct, I will be sure to write up a post about emissions and how a driver can stretch their dollar by being mindful of their cars fuel consumption. There are so many pieces to the puzzle when it comes to fuel economy, however driving habits are a very important piece!


  2. I really appreciate the 3 tips you have mentioned here. I will honestly remember these and USE them the next time I am in need. I like that they’re short, simple and straight forward. As a woman who travels for work, it’s so important that I find people who I can trust to help me. Beyond helping, I feel that you would be able to help me UNDERSTAND and learn the complications of automobiles so I can be better prepared for the future. Is this true?


    • Yes of course! I will be posting lots of helpful tips so you better understand cars. Unfortunately, many mechanics use their knowledge as a tool to trick their customers into buying more than what they need. I really want to encourage more people to get involved with their cars and understand the science behind the automotive industry. Cars are useful tools and it helps when you get suck on the side of the road to have a place to go for answers. I would love to know some specific questions that people would need the answers to, Past experiences with being stuck with an automotive issue, or even times you wish you had a mobile mechanic!


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